Changed the authorisation scheme

I fickled around with the authorisation scheme on the website, so it is now secure++, as opposed to the purely insecure shite from before. The site still isn't guarded against SQL injection and other lovely stuffs, but at least it uses sessions now.

Unfortunately, this means you won't ever be logged in indefinitely again. Sorry. :P

Anyway, the important part of this is that if you find any pages breaking, please let me know ASAP, because I've not had the time to inspect all of them.
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Moved the wiki

Hi guys,

needing information from several wiki pages - as well as being deprived of the ability of editing important pages I really want to edit - I decided not to wait for datavibe's PHP build to be upgraded, and moved the wiki to - unless I'm given a reason to move it back, that is where it will henceforth stay.

Moving a wiki isn't easy - all thumbnails had to be recalculated by the wiki, as I didn't have permission to view the (server-generated) files. It's a bit of a mess, the whole thing; but at least it works. :)

Mind you, I'm positive the situation on datavibe will soon be sorted - I simply couldn't contain my want to look up and edit some of the things on it.

If you've bookmarked the wiki, please change the link it points to. And let me know if I missed any links to the wiki from the main site itself! Thanks in advance.
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sneak is on it.

For those of you who weren't in #dataclaw when I first announced it, sneak is on it [see previous post for issues] - apparently, the gentoo build is somewhat broken, and he's been on it a while now, even. That means (1) Yay! it's being looked into, (2) it probably will take a few more days.

I apologise to those of you who are wiki-deprived - trust me that I suffer the same.

Wiki down

Many of you (those that frequent #dataclaw, anyway) already know this, but for the record:

I can't say why, but it seems as though datavibe is currently running PHP3 instead of PHP5, and the function session_name() that is used by the wikimedia software; this function is a PHP4/5 function, and seems to be amiss from whatever build datavibe is currently running.

Sadly, I can't change this, but I'll investigate to see what's happened.

What I do know is there was an unexpected downtime not too long ago (4th of December, by looks of things), and I presume this was the cause - but that's all I know right now.

Edit - This is confusing. phpversion() returns "5.1.6-pl6-gentoo". Why is session_name() not in that build? I'm confused.
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Simulation page restored

With the exception of a few sloppily written descriptions from sims by me (which, frankly, IIRC, were one-liners anyway), e.g. the Dead London description, all descriptions were retrievable from the wiki, bar for Enix's avatar rule (though I remember what it was - it's just the wording that was lost). Some gamemaster information was not restorable - I know a few of the past sims were co-GMed, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember which were which. Help is appreciated.

I also fucked up and added Darkscape after Sestren, which wasn't the order it was listed in before, but, eh, details - given that Sestren has yet to be visited, I think we can safely claim that it doesn't matter.

Thanks for your patience, and again, please excuse only having noticed this now.
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DNS fixed, but a table gone

The DNS problem seems to have been resolved, three cheers for that. However, sadly, it seems that for some reason, the table _crimson_sims is gone. Luckily, most of the sims (if not all) have their descriptions saved in the wiki entries about themselves - I'm busy working through them one by one right now and re-adding them to a re-created _crimson_sims.

Apologies if this has slowed anyone down, I only just noticed this myself. If someone could tell me when the simulation listing page stopped working, that information would be of much use to me, so please share.
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False alarm

False alarm - it's fixed itself without my doing, so I'm going to assume sneak didn't intend for the settings that caused it. :) What didn't fix itself until just recently was my ability to read LJ communities, hence this notice is a bit late. Sorry about that! All fixed since far more than a day.
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Quick notice

The Oddworld and Mudokon pages on the wiki are currently borked because I've been reuploading images that had been created via the old datavibe server (Apache) - since datavibe is now on lighttpd. However, it turns out that the new server does not like the two map images, nor the "different types of Mudokons" image, all three of which are fairly large. I would like to apologise for this - I will fix it tomorrow, likely.
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